About us

We are a young team of highly trained professionals (engineers and specialists) who have been working in the field of maintenance and repairs of egg sorters since 2011.

The knowledge needed to work in a domain as specific as this was obtained in many years of preparation, experience in own business and working effectively in profiles such as: mechanics, electronics, robotics, automation, etc.

We are always looking for solutions to obtain the best offers that allow us to have competitive prices and to know in a timely manner both new and used products, specific for egg sorters, or modern technology that can solve problems easier and faster.

The key elements of our business are: the specialization in this domain, the knowledge of the classic and new technology, the Internet, the sales, the administration and, most importantly, the customer relations. Knowing this sector very well, we are convinced that we can offer products of very good value for money.

Parts for egg grading machines