This agreement regulates the General Conditions of Purchase of the various products offered on this website by IBERGRADING, the commercial name under which SIMONA IONELA COMAN works with NIE: Y0521606A and address at C / Escritor Javier Reverte, 16, 19190, Torija, Guadalajara, hereinafter IBERGRADING.

The CLIENT, upon completing the registration process and purchasing any of our products, accepts and expressly submits to the clauses specified below, as well as to the conditions of access and use of our portal and its privacy policy, accessible through the link "Legal Warning".

The CUSTOMER acknowledges having sufficient legal capacity to be contractually bound.

It will be essential to read and accept the General Conditions of Purchase, prior to the purchase of any product through

IBERGRADING reserves the right to modify the General Conditions of Purchase at any time and without prior notice. The General Conditions of Purchase will always be accessible from the website, so that the CLIENT can consult or print them at any time.

  1.      PRICES

The CLIENT agrees to expressly pay to IBERGRADING the quantities specified at the time of purchase in the price list established on the website for the chosen products.

The products offered on this website are subject to the Value Added Tax (VAT) 21% which is NOT included in the prices that are detailed for each product, although they are specifically added in the final total amount to be invoiced, in the case of Spain and does not appear in the rest of the countries, Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands.

The shipping costs are NOT included in the prices of the products, although they are specifically added in the final total amount to be invoiced.


Through this website, the orders can be made only by people over 18 years old and companies.

The website details all our products in an individualized way. The procedure to make and manage the purchase is indicated in the same and the CLIENT only must follow the next steps:

  1.     Choose the product you want to purchase.
  2.     When selecting a product, it can be added to the shopping cart and you can choose to continue buying or processing the order.
  3.      To continue buying new products, they will reappear and proceed with steps a. and b.
  4.     When processing the order, it will proceed to the verification of the order where the selected articles are listed one by one and the total price, including the transport and corresponding taxes, is calculated.
  5.     Also, it will be necessary to indicate an address for the purpose of delivery of the purchase made. It will be possible to indicate a unique address for billing and delivery.
  6.       Once the process is processed, it will be necessary to pre-check a check box reading and accepting the terms and conditions of sale.
  7.      The website will provide you with the right way for payment.
  8.     Once you enter the data for the payment, you must confirm the order by clicking the corresponding buy button.
  9.       Once the corresponding buy button is pressed, the product will be prepared and delivered.
  10.       The CLIENT will receive an email of thanks and confirmation of payment, which also contains the tracking number of the order placed. With this number, the CLIENT can check the status of the shipment of your order, at any time through the following link:
  11.      The delivery time of the products to your address will be indicated on the website at the time of purchase and from the moment we have confirmed your payment.

The CLIENT is informed that the photographs and descriptions of the products on the website are an approximate image of the products offered, so it is possible that they may differ from the original. The descriptions and illustrations of the products offered through this website are made purely for information.


The products offered by IBERGRADING are available for distribution in all Member States to the European Union and anywhere in the world.

The orders will be processed once the payment has been received correctly.

The products offered by IBERGRADING will always be subject to the availability that will be specifically indicated on our website for each product, so that, if an item is not available, the customer will be duly informed of the lack of availability for the purchase. Under normal conditions, all the products that appear on our website are available for immediate delivery within the deadlines indicated on the same page.

An order will be considered delivered when the delivery receipt is signed by the CLIENT. The CLIENT must verify the products at the reception of them and expose all objections that may exist, in the next 24 hours.

The delivery of the products will be made at the address indicated by the CLIENT. The deadline for delivery of the products will be the one indicated on the website at the time of purchase and from the moment we have confirmed your payment. As a general rule, the maximum delivery period will be 10 business days, from the moment we have confirmed your payment. In any case, these delivery times are approximate and in no case binding for IBERGRADING.

The deliveries will be made on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

The delivery of the purchased product will be made by the carrier together with a delivery note in the address indicated in the order that the customer must sign as receipt document. Likewise, the CLIENT will be duly informed in the event that an incident occurs or the delivery is delayed for any reason.

If it is not possible to deliver to the address indicated by the absence of the recipient, the carrier will contact the CLIENT directly and will be indicated in detail the steps to follow. In the event that the impossibility of delivery is caused by a wrong address, the cost of re-sending the order will be borne by the CUSTOMER. IBERGRADING is not responsible for delays in the delivery of products purchased for causes attributable to the carrier.

In order to be informed at all times of the management of your purchase, the CLIENT will be able to consult the tracking of the sending of the order through his/her account on our website.


The following payment methods are accepted:

• Credit card: The transaction is done by connecting with the BBVA bank, through its collaborating entity Redsys.

Once the payment has been made, the CLIENT will receive an email confirmation of the same.

IBERGRADING is not aware of your credit card details. All our payment systems are totally safe.

The payments are prior to the delivery of the product, so IBERGRADING will not provide the requested product until the moment it has received confirmation of the payment of the same. IBERGRADING reserves the right to cancel temporarily or definitively the services rendered, before any incidence in the matter of the collection thereof.

  1.      TAXES

Once the selection of products has been completed, prior to confirming the order and before proceeding to payment, the final purchase price will appear on the screen, which will include:

• VAT (Value Added Tax) - if the purchase is made from Spain - or exempt from VAT - if the purchase is made from Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands or anywhere in the world except Spain,

• shipping costs,

• packaging costs - if necessary a wooden packaging that complies with the ISPM15 standard.

This information will be reflected in the order at the time of making the purchase and the corresponding invoice.

For orders placed by customers resident in Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands or any other country in the world except Spain, the CLIENT will be deducted the VAT of the invoice and the collection. It will be, however, of its exclusive responsibility the payment of any tax or customs fee that corresponds to it for the acquisition made.


Any product can be returned within a maximum period of 10 business days from the moment of purchase.

In the case of a return of goods, it will be accepted only with the integral packaging, ie without unsealing and in perfect condition.

The payment of the procedures of the return will be in charge of the CLIENT.

Such returns will be processed as a commercial return, since there is no law that regulates the rights of return between companies and these procedures are regulated according to IBERGRADING conditions.

These conditions do not void the warranty or exchange of defective products. IBERGRADING reserves the right to refuse the return in case of any anomaly in the returned product.

The return of the products broken by the transport will be in charge of IBERGRADING. In this case, the photos with the broken product and box will be sent to our email and the steps indicated by our employees will be followed.

In the case of the return of the products purchased, IBERGRADING will not proceed to the refund of the amount already paid, but will be offered to the CLIENT the possibility of making another purchase with the same amount, or, if the amount of the new order exceeds the existing one, you will be offered the possibility of paying the difference between the amounts of the returned order and the new one made.

  1.      GUARANTEE

The products have a guarantee of 30 natural days of the moment of the purchase.

The electrical and electronic components have a guarantee of 30 natural days only in the case that the assembly of the same will be done by our specialists.

The warranty may be cancelled for the following reasons:

• Incorrect use, manipulation or maintenance by the CLIENT of a product.

• Components burned by electrical surges or overvoltage.

• Broken or damaged components subject to impact.

• Incorrect repair, modification or extension by the CLIENT of a product.

• The deterioration, elimination or concealment by the CLIENT of the IBERGRADING guarantee label of all products (including those forming part of an assembly).

In short, no damaged material or obvious signs of improper handling will be accepted.

The shipping costs generated by the processing of the product guarantee will be borne by IBERGRADING. The sending of a guarantee return must always be done following the instructions indicated by IBERGRADING, upon request and acceptance.