Through this website, the orders can be made only by people over 18 years old and companies.

The website details all our products in an individualized way. The procedure to make and manage the purchase is indicated in the same and the CLIENT only must follow the next steps:

  1.     Choose the product you want to purchase.
  2.     When selecting a product, it can be added to the shopping cart and you can choose to continue buying or processing the order.
  3.      To continue buying new products, they will reappear and proceed with steps a. and b.
  4.     When processing the order, it will proceed to the verification of the order where the selected articles are listed one by one and the total price, including the transport and corresponding taxes, is calculated.
  5.     Also, it will be necessary to indicate an address for the purpose of delivery of the purchase made. It will be possible to indicate a unique address for billing and delivery.
  6.       Once the process is processed, it will be necessary to pre-check a check box reading and accepting the terms and conditions of sale.
  7.      The website will provide you with the right way for payment.
  8.     Once you enter the data for the payment, you must confirm the order by clicking the corresponding buy button.
  9.       Once the corresponding buy button is pressed, the product will be prepared and delivered.
  10.       The CLIENT will receive an email of thanks and confirmation of payment, which also contains the tracking number of the order placed. With this number, the CLIENT can check the status of the shipment of your order, at any time through the following link:
  11.      The delivery time of the products to your address will be indicated on the website at the time of purchase and from the moment we have confirmed your payment.

The CLIENT is informed that the photographs and descriptions of the products on the website are an approximate image of the products offered, so it is possible that they may differ from the original. The descriptions and illustrations of the products offered through this website are made purely for information.